Mecalac Cabbed Dumpers

The Mecalac MDX cabbed dumpers centre around operator safety. Designed from the ground up to set safety standards in performance, safety and comfort, the innovative models offer numerous benefits. Available from 3.5 ton – 9 ton payloads.

The Mecalac 3.5MDX Cabbed Dumper


The more recently launched 3.5 ton cabbed dumper from Mecalac is the smallest of the MDX range. The 3.5MDX combines style with the ‘rental tough’ build quality that Mecalac construction equipment is renowned for.


The compact cabbed dumper boasts a Stage V compliant Kubota engine which provides 50HP (37kW) of power. It’s compact dimensions make it super manoeuvrable and ideal for construction sites where space is limited.


  • Operating Weight 2990kg
  • Width 1.9m
  • Height 2.8m
  • Payload 3.5 ton


The Mecalac 6MDX Cabbed Dumper

With the same fully enclosed cab, and either forward tip skip or swivel tip skip, this model and the 9 MDX provide dual side cabin access, an optional screen guard, ISO compliant front camera as standard with optional rear camera and 4 speed synchro shuttle transmission (optional upgrade to hydrostatic).

Operating Weight from 4460 kg – 4960 kg

  • Width 2.3m
  • Height 2.9m
  • Payload 6 ton
  • Permanent 4 WD

The Mecalac 9MDX Cabbed Dumper


  • Operating Weight from 5055 kg – 5795 kg
  • Width 2.3m
  • Height 3.3m
  • Payload 9 ton


Both the 6 & 9 ton MDX models can now be specified with state-of-the-art hydrostatic transmission to replace mechanical transmission with fixed gear ratios. This ensures easier operations without gear shifting and provides the added benefit of responsive dynamic braking, making operation easier and safer for both experienced and new operators – perfect for both rental fleets and operators who frequently change their equipment. It’s a particularly useful feature on steep inclines where gear changes can often result in loss of drive.


Mecalac Shield – Safety as Standard


For additional safety, the 3.5MDX features Shield – Mecalac’s package of safety-critical operator features – as standard. Key technologies include start & drive interlock, handbrake warning, digital speedometer, fuel loss warning sensor, automatic idle shut-off, park brake test and Stop-Start Control™.  Each model can also be fitted with a unique isolated MDX cab which minimises vibration and noise, also having the strength to withstand impacts while loading the dumper skip.


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