Develon Wheel Excavators

Develon Wheel Excavators


Develon Wheel Excavators deliver outstanding performance and stability, as well as enhanced fuel efficiency, making them most suitable for this era of high fuel prices.

Expect the best return on your investment with the smallest in the line-up – the Develon DX140W-5. The DX140W-5 takes even the heaviest tasks in its stride with efficient, dependable performance that saves you time and money.

Increased digging power, lifting capacities, and speed combine to deliver performance you can rely on day after day. Improved fuel efficiency means you can keep costs down and reduce the environmental impact.

Discover the newest addition to the Develon wheeled excavator range, the 10T DX100W-7. A high specification and high performance wheeled excavator complete with 100hp stage 5 engine, compact and powerful with a 40Kph transmission, 3 modes of steering including 4 wheel steer for minimum turning radius and one of the comfiest cabs on the market ..

The mid-range DX170W-5 from Doosan offers a state-of-the-art TMS wireless fleet monitoring system; the legendary DL06 engine, further refinements to the already outstanding cab: exclusive jog shuttle switch, fully automatic climate control system, more storage compartments for paperwork and other items, and much more.

The new, Stage IV compliant, DX210W-5 incorporates a range of new improvements and significantly increases performance levels yet again. Fuel consumption has been lowered by 10% compared to the previous generation. The engine is the legendary DL06 – with EGR/SCR & DPF-free emission treatment technologies.

And the features offered as standard in the already outstanding cab are among the best in the market: outstanding comfort, ease-of-operation thanks to extra ergonomics, super controllability with short & low stroke joysticks, fully automatic climate control system, and much more.

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