Develon Mini Excavators

Develon Mini Excavators


Combining the highest level of efficiency with the ultimate performance, Develon Mini Excavators offer powerful digging capability, great hoisting power, and convenience for diverse work environments, and can be easily controlled in tight space.

At only 71 cm wide and with foldable TOPS, the Doosan DX10Z mini excavator can sneak through most doors. And with zero tail swing, DX10Z allows you to work up against walls in the most confined spaces.

Yet this meneuverable mini excavator operates like many larger machines. The undercarriage can be extended to 1.10 m, providing the base for unbeatable lifting capacity. Inside, you have plenty of room for your legs, a quiet environment, and joystick positions you can adjust for your own comfort.

The mid-range DX27Z is equipped with optimal systems suitable for various applications from pipe work to landscaping. The compactness of the machine allows operations within confined spaces as well as operations in restricted areas around buildings. The accurate, smooth and powerful digging performance maximizes productivity.

The introduction of the new, large DX85R-3 with reduced tail swing provides customers with a product that meet their daily demands – high-performing, reliable and cost-effective machines that operate with minimum impact on human health and the environment.

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