Develon Wheel Loaders

Develon Wheel Loaders


Develon wheel loaders offer both exceptional power and speed, allowing these machines to work in difficult conditions.

The perfect quality and durability guarantee the top operation rate in any working conditions.


Compact and robust, the Develon DL200-5 wheel loader is the smallest in the lineup. Providing excellent manoeuvrability in narrow and confined spaces − there is a wide selection of attachments available and it can handle a very wide range of applications, including work in sandpits, concrete plants, road construction, water and sewer projects, waste management and recycling, agriculture, foods and industry.

The Develon DL200-5 saves on fuel consumption too. Operators can choose between 3 engine modes − simply by pushing a button to toggle between modes − to adjust performance to the application and work with the right balance of power and fuel economy.


The mid-range, Stage V compliant DL380-7 enhances your output from every angle. Impressive breakout force and high traction make penetration easy and allow you to tackle the hardest materials no matter the circumstance. With 3.7m3 bucket capacity and tipping load of 16.248kg, you’ll get through work faster and more effectively.


The largest of the range, the DL580-7 Stage V wheel loader features a completely new design, providing higher performance, increased fuel efficiency and a much-enhanced environment for the operator compared to the previous Stage IV model.

A powerful hydraulic system makes work quick and efficient. The Scania DC13 engine provides the power you need while meeting Stage V environmental regulations. The combination of these features gives Develon wheel loaders excellent penetration power, ensuring optimum bucket load in each cycle.

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