Manitou Construction Telehandlers

Manitou MT & MHT Construction Telehandlers

Manitou MT Range

The Manitou MT range of telehandlers are the ultimate construction all rounder – expertly designed to meet the ever-demanding needs of the construction industry. Combining high performance and superb all terrain handling, these mighty Manitous are the perfect partner for all your loading, unloading and material handling needs.


Manitou’s MT series of construction telehandlers are serious material handling machines – 4 wheel drive and equipped with 3 steering modes – 2 wheel steer, 4 wheel steer and a crabbing mode, they’re designed to work off-road with ease.


Operator comfort and safety is key for Manitou which is why they designed impact-resistant cabs with 360 degree visibility and ergonomic environment. High-performance stabilisers, several braking systems and a robust design.


Boost your productivity with the Manitou MT range of telehandlers thanks to easy handling, intuitive controls and a joystick that provides flexibility and precise movements.


Transport, move, load and unload material with precision, ease and comfort.


Manitou MHT Range


The Manitou MHT range of construction telehandlers are easy to handle, compact, versatile and safe, boosting your productivity on site.


The MHT range is designed for heavier material handling duties – more powerful engines, bigger lift capacities and bigger reach.


Manitou’s MHT series offers construction spec telehandler designed to lift from 7 – 14 metres, with lift capacities of 9 to a whopping 40 tons. As with the smaller MT range, the heavy duty MHT telehandlers offer 3 steering modes for ultimate manoeuvrability including 2 and 4 wheel steer and crabbing mode.

You’ll find all the safety and comfort features combined including 360 degree visibility, intuitive controls, ergonomic cab. High power meets precision to make your working day as productive as possible.

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